Monday, 6 October 2014

Bali Trip with 靓妹 (back dated 29 Sept till 2 Oct 2014) Tanah Lot

Whoever strangers that we encountered in Bali, they would say "Happy Honeymoon" to us! But the fact is, it was just a normal trip for both of us. Nothing more than that, because my girlfriend has been waiting to come to Bali for quite some time already. So better not drag the trip here till our real honeymoon because only God knows when! =) 

By the time that we reached Bali, it was already pass noon. Luckily to have Mr Nyoman from Putu's website as our driver because he was super punctual. Without any further delay, we straight went into his car and headed to our first destination. The target for us to visit 3 temples ( Tanah Lot, Bedugal and Taman Ayun) on the first day was impossible, so we ended up visiting 2 only because to travel from one place to the other wasn't near at all! So, the first place that we visited was Tanah Lot. It's a MUST for every tourist who visits Bali. It's all about the scenery. One word, Fascinating! Spend some time there and take a couple of good pictures is what you should do there!

First picture in Bali with Tanah Lot as our background

 The day is good, and hope that everything is good too!

Tanah Lot is a very sacred place and there are many altars for prayers! 

Time to get some Hinduism blessings! 

 We are done with our first mission! =)

Spend some quality time here and capture some nice photos is what you should do! 

See, someone is taking wedding pictures there! Happy marriage to that couple! =)

To be continued...

Enjoy and have a nice day

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  1. Tanah Lot is one of my favourite Bali’s temple. It is an ideal for the photography and wonderful sacred place. I have visited the island before my yellowstone bus tours with my friends. Due to commercialized area it clicks most of the visitors to it. Pura Batu Bolong is another temple which is situated in the short distance of the Tanah lot.


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