Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bali Trip with 靓妹 (back dated 29 Sept till 2 Oct 2014) Pura Taman Ayun & Naughty Nuri

After sitting in the car for about 40 minutes from Tanah Lot, we have arrived at another tourist destination which is Taman Ayun. It's a very nice Hindu temple which surrounded with parks and pools. When we visited that place, it's about to build a so-called island on its own. Hopefully it will be completed in months to come. So this is also a very sacred place, so please beaware of those warnings given at the entrance especially for the female.

Typical Hindu style entrance.. According to my driver, there are more than 80% of the population are Hindus in Bali! So not surprising that most houses has this architectural style!  

 Cock fight is very famous in Bali especially for gambling purposes. But cock fight in Taman Ayun is just for traditional purposes and it's only held for twice in a year!

Various altars in the prohibited area.. Strictly open during worship days only!

After visiting at Taman Ayun, then we went back to Ubud for dinner before heading back to the hotel. When you talk about food, I guess Naughty Nuri is a famous hotspot for many tourists. They are very famous for their pork ribs and sausages! Too bad that we can't order too many stuff because there are only both of us to finish everything on the table... T.T Well, make sure that you have a big gang when you go there to try out there food. As I know, they only open at night to serve dinner! So make sure to be there early!

Grilling live in front of you! 

I wonder what sauce did they use to make it so special! Perfectly grilled. But I heard from my driver that there is another nicer place near Nusa Dua. So make sure that you try there if you have the chance! =) Rph 100,000 for this!

The sausage..

And make sure that you don't miss this out to help your digestion! =)

After dinner, the day ended here and we checked into Ubud Bungalow which is located right in the middle of Ubud town. It's roughly about RM 100 per night. Everything complete. Maybe we were too tired until we have nothing to complain about! =)

To be continued...

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