Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bali Trip with 靓妹 (back dated 29 Sept till 2 Oct 2014) Tegalalang, Kintamani & Luwak Coffee

After having a good night stay at Ubud Bungalow (didn't expect that it turned out to be very well as it's just roughly RM 100 per night for 2 person), we quickly have our very nice breakfast and get our journey started for the day! Itinerary for second day was all about travelling! We traveled to inner parts of Bali such as Tegalalang, Kintamani etc. To travel one big round took us about 7 hours! Phew. Anyway, we need to travel these places at least once!

Our bungalow right beside the swimming pool! 

 Simple and nice breakfast! Didn't really expect to have all these with the price that we paid for the hotel. The variety of fruits that they prepared was simply amazing. On breakfast, we have fruit juice and coffee/tea, main course and dessert!

So our first destination of the day was Tegalalang paddy field. Most of the paddy are grown on hills and Tegalalang has one of the most neat and systematic paddy field in Bali. That's why it became one of the tourist attraction. To travel to this place, we need to pay for about Rph 5000 per person for the entrance! You can't run away from "entrance fee" even though this place is just by the main road...

 Luckily the weather was great! If you want to explore more, you may opt to hike to the next hill behind us! =)

Pay money if you want to take her picture from the front! So I just opt to take her picture from the back! =p 

My favourite picture in Bali! =) Selfie at Tegalalang!

After having a stop by at Tegalalang, we went straight up to Kintamani for the Badur view. It took us about 45 minutes to reach up there. Many people actually recommended this place for nice pictures and I really really agree so! You may opt to have buffet lunch while enjoying the view. As what I found from other reviews about the buffet, it's just a simple but expensive buffet, so we just skipped the buffet lunch!

 Mount Badur, it's still an active volcano. The black part of the mountain is just the burned area of previous volcano eruption...

Lake Badur which lies besides the Mount Badur.. Nice view and nice weather, enjoy very much over there! =)

The street at Kintamani. Yet to be busy but soon it will be busy because of tourists coming up here at around lunch time!

When you talk about coffee in Bali, everyone will definitely recommend you to have a cup of Luwak coffee. It's a very expensive type of coffee because the finest coffee beans are picked by the animals called Luwak (a type of cat which active only at night). After processing their "poo", the coffee beans are grind and roasted to make coffee powder which is ready to served with hot water! 

 Satria coffee farm

A sleeping Luwak, looks like a mix of cat and fox... 

Ingredients to make luwak coffee, from ginger, vanilla etc... 

Washed coffee beans from the "poo" of the animal! Next step is to peel the skin 

Testing for free with so many types of teas and coffees.. 

Testing one small cup of Luwak coffee for Rph 50,000! Very thick and aromatic, but no feel of caffeine. A good try!

Coffee bar... 

To be continued..


  1. I read your blog post thoroughly and know the Bali's spot. I have visited bali before my denver to yellowstone tours but never find a chance e to explore the Tegalalang. After visiting your sharing I am planning to enjoy the Tegalalang paddy field. I must check out the Luwak coffee during my visit. Any suggestion that you want to give me would be much regarded there.

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. One of my suggestion is that you must at least travel to places that you have not been before. Make sure that you allocate half a day to travel Tegalalang and all the way up to Kintamani to view Mt and Lake Badur! Then have a cup of Luwak coffee while on the way down from Kintamani! Make sure that you prepare a lot of small change =)


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