Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bali Trip with 靓妹 (back dated 29 Sept till 2 Oct 2014) Pura Tirta Empul, Bebek Benggil and Spa

After spending some time for coffee, we headed to Pura Tirta Empul (Temple of Holy Water) before lunch. If you ask Google for interesting places in Bali, this is also one of it! According to my driver, we must wash our face or clean ourselves at the first part of the temple before advancing deeper into the temple. Be careful while you are walking along the pool because the floor is super slippery. Just don't slip into the pool of holy water. Rph 15,000 for entrance fee for one person!

Pura Tirta Empul..

I guess you would think twice when you see where does the water comes from.. Anyway, nothing happen to my face.. Just wash your face as a sign of respect to the temple... =)

Altar for the 3 main Gods which represent water, fire and air...

As we advance into the temple, we saw a lot of ladies are preparing rice cake and "knitting" (I don't really know what the term call) bamboo leaves to prepare for the upcoming big feast. And again from my driver, many people in Bali couldn't afford to have individual worshiping services at their home. That is why all of them gather at the temple to worship together as this can really save up a lot of their money... Interesting right?!

Time to go for lunch! =)

As recommended by the blogs again, another must try food in Bali is the "Dirty Duck" at Bebek! There are 2 Bebek Benggil restaurant in Bali. So we chose Joni rather than the main one because Joni is nearer to travel from the temple. If you have no interest in duck, then you can just skip this place! Bebek for them means DIRTY whereas Benggil means DUCK. So there are 2 choices of duck on the menu, which are smoked or fried! For me, I prefer the smoked one because I like the sauce that they used to cook the duck! Something very special and interesting to try!

Restaurant facing the nice nice and nice paddy field! Time to capture some pictures while waiting for the food...

Complement with soya bean crackers!

Smoked duck with special satay and vegetables... Very good and the price is definitely good as well!

Deep fried style with sambals and onion sauce... Very crunchy at most of the part, you can even swallow down some parts of the bones!

Yea, one remainder! Please prepare extra cash and estimate about 20% extra with the price of your food because the tax in Bali is quite high!

** Sorry, no picture is allowed at the massage place. We went for a big package at Venezia Spa and spent remaining afternoon till evening there!**

Dinner at one of the cafe in Ubud town.. Just walking distance from Ubud Bungalow..

Very good Sup Tulang.. Good to have a bowl of hot soup with steamed rice at such a cooling weather! =)

Last picture of the day! =)

To be continued... End of second day!

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