Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bali Trip with 靓妹 (back dated 29 Sept till 2 Oct 2014) Uluwau Temple, Kecal Dance & Jimbaran

After an less than half an hour journey from Dreamland, we arrived at Uluwatu Temple. As warned by my driver, monkeys here are more aggressive than in Monkey Forest Temple. It seems those monkeys like to target spectacles and hanging small cameras and throw them away. Definitely you can get back but with a minimum charge if you get the staff there to pick up for you! Just be careful with your belongings!!!

So the best time to visit this place is during the evening around 5 pm which is before the sunset whereby you can enjoy the Kecak Dance at 6 pm while enjoying sunset! But be careful with people as well because it's very packed at that time as well as the site is not big! Don't fall off the cliff ya! =p Entrance fee to the temple is Rph 20,000 whereas for Kecak Dance is Rph 100,000 per person. There are 3 main parts only, the cliff to take pictures with the temple as background, the temple and the stage for performance.

The entrance of the temple

Beautiful swimming pool for the monkeys. It seems that those monkeys will come here automatically at 1 pm to swim in this pool! Interesting right?

The cliff to take pictures! Just watch out your steps... The wind is super strong over here!

At the stage for performance. Nice view picked by the driver to see the temple, the sunset while enjoying the performance, Kecak Dance... Be here about 15-20 minutes before the show starts to get a nice sit!

Kecak Dance, at 70 people performed on the stage! About 45 minutes for the whole show.. No need to take too much picture but just enjoy the show... =)

After the show, we went and checked into a hotel very near to Jimbaran! Then after that, the driver dropped us at a seafood center which he used to drop his customers there. An advice again by my driver, try not to order set because the portion might be smaller as the items on the plate are not according to the weight. Order individual dishes at the counter would be a better choice and try to order according to how much you can eat because the staff would just persuade you to take everything in big amount but obviously you can't finish at the end of the day! You just need to order the seafood, then they will compliment you with a vegetable, a soup, a starter and white rice. That's how the whole system works at this seafood restaurant at Jimbaran. I have no idea about the others! But not too worry about the price among the restaurants there because the dishes on the menu were set and controlled by the authorities.. =)

Deep fried squid... This is really good! =) But the portion that we ordered was a bit too big to feed 2 mouths..

Crab... Didn't manage to finish the dishes on the table, so we packed this back to the hotel for supper! This is very good as well. Just order one is good enough!

Grilled prawns in stead of fish because the fishes were too huge for 2 person. Nicely grilled and really really went well with their special made sambal and chopped onions!

In case you want to find a very nearby hotel, something like walking distance from the seafood restaurant! Sari Segara Resort is the choice, not too bad! A simple standard room is about RM 140 with 2 complimentary breakfast included...

To be continued...

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