Monday, 19 June 2017

Grandchamp's Gourmet @ Peak Vista, KK

Susan always never fail to impress me when it comes to my birthday. =) And this year, she brought me for a dinner treat at Grandchamp's Gourmet. So this restaurant definitely looks classy as it is and they serve a wide range wine to pair with cheese if you are really interested in wine. Besides, they do serve main course meals (French style) as well. As for the price, it's quite reasonable for the food that they serve and presentation wise, it was fantastic! Hmm.. And for the service, I guess it improved a lot as compared to those comments from Trip Advisor.

 Beef Steak... Just nicely done.. I hope that I can make this one day! =)

Duck Confit... Interesting dish which I have not tried before in my life. The flesh was so good because of the herbs I guess.. 

And it's me with the food =) 

And the pretty her with the wine... =) 

The ambiance.. The wines! 

And thank you for the great meal!

Total cost was about RM 100 for 2 main course meal and a glass of wine. We will definitely be back someday! =)

By the way, they have a website with the link

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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