Saturday, 3 June 2017

Japan Trip (3-14 March 2017) Part 1 Kyoto

Day 5, (Kyoto Day 1)  Fushini Inari, Higashiyama and Gion Districts.

We arrived at Kyoto St. early in the morning (before 6 am) and there were no shops open yet. So, we just clean up a bit at the washroom, sent our luggage to the locker and headed out to Fushini Inari!

Kyoto Station early in the morning!

Fushini Inari.. Travel from Kyoto St. to Inari St. via JR line...

Still very early with not many tourists around yet.. =)

Senbum Torii (Thousands of Toni gates)... Iconic place to take pictures!

The priest after morning prayers...

Street food for our breakfast.. There were a lot of food stalls along the way down but almost all were set at 500 Yen each!

Travel by train and bus to Higashiyama area for temple visit...

There were a lot of shrines and temples at Higashiyama District. It was quite impossible for us to go all but we picked a few famous one e.g. Yasaka Pagoda, Ryozen Kannon Temple, Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park. Most of the temples have entrance fee, so you can get a discount card if you are planning to spend time to visit all. 

Cafe 前田珈琲 高台寺店 (Maeda coffee) at Higashiyama area..

Matcha Milk Tea... A hot drink to warm ourselves in a rainy afternoon..

Geisha! You can rent kimono costume for a day if you want!

Pagoda at Hokanji Temple..

Ryozen Kannon Temple... Get a piece of incense stick for 300 Yen...

Buddha's feet! Super huge...

The love dolls spotted while on the way to Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park (nice if there is Sakura!)...

Superb weather at Yasaku Shrine.. Time to wish for good fortune.. =)

Dessert at Gion Tsujiri, Gion District..

Matcha desserts at Gion Tsujiri, just walking distance from Yasaka Shrine... Great place to hang out but the queue was crazy!

Kamo River... Super clear river water!

High class area of Higashiyama District!

Our AirBnB at Fushini District! A bit noisy because it was located right besides the railway track...

To be continued...

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