Monday, 12 June 2017

Japan Trip (3-14 March 2017) Part 3 Kyoto

Day 7, Nishiki Market and travel to Osaka!

We left out luggage at the AirBnB and traveled to Nishiki Market from Fushini St. Nishiki Market is a shopping district where you can find a lot of food, from the raw to the cooked one! To travel there was easy, we took the train to a nearby station and walk about 10 minutes to the place. 

Baked cheese tart, fresh from the oven! Pretty from the outside, yummy from the inside! =)

No doubt that they are the best cheese tart in town!

A temple in the market...

Coffee fix of the day.. Not the best one but at least it warmed our body in the super cold weather..

Steamed bun (Beef Manju Bun).. Not worth the price but at least give it a try!

She wanted the super "kick" matcha ice cream so badly! =p

Never forget the fresh oysters! Just oyster with a glass of water... Fantastic!

JR Kyoto Isetan St. A view of Kyoto tower..

Kyotofu Fujino @ JR Kyoto Isetan St. top floor. Bean curd based delicacy fine dining..

Bean curd that melts in the mouth.. And every hundred yen counts.. Anyway, it was to worth to try again! Suitable place for vegans..

Set meal with all the bean curd products... The fried one was the BEST!

JR Kyoto Isetan St. Time to travel back to Fushini St. to collect our luggage at the AirBnB.

While on the way walking back to AirBnB to collect our luggage, we spotted this! OMG. It was so damn good and cheap...

To be continued...

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