Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Japan Trip (3-14 March 2017) Part 1 Osaka

Day 7 and 8 (1st and 2nd day in Osaka), Dotonbori and Namba, Universal Studio Japan and Takoyaki Museum.

We arrived at Namba from Kyoto at around 5pm but we checked in into our AirBnB late at around 7pm because we couldn't find the place. After leaving our luggage at the AirBnB, we headed out straight for dinner at Mikino Tempura Restaurant at Namba area. 

Our AirBnB in Osaka, walking distance to Dotonbori, nearest train station is Nippombashi St.

Iconic place of Dotonbori!

Waiting to be served to our empty stomach.. =p

Mikino Tempura Restaurant @ Namba District! Cheap, great and wonderful.. A MUST in the checklist.. They have various set menu but it was all super affordable.

Famous Pablo at Namba District..

Pablo cheese tart for supper.. Just feel that it was a bit over-rated.. The one in Nishiki Market (Bake) was better than this!

Day 8, USJ day!

Harry Potter Castle conquered!

Flying Dinosaur checked despite waited for 3 hours for the ride! =)

MUST have turkey leg! Crazily wonderful especially when we were super hungry...

The Re-born Parade!

Thank you USJ, we had wonderful time over here! =)

Universal walk.. A 5-min walking path connecting the train station (Universal City St.) to USJ entrance..

Takoyaki Museum.. Free entrance at level 4 of Universal walk shopping street..

The original version of Takoyaki should be soft.. And the black one is the charcoal version..

551 Horai at Ground Floor.. Selling pork buns and dim sum..

Travel back to Namba for dinner and rest early! =)

Hokkyokusei Honten for Omurice for dinner.. The original version of Omurice..

My set of Omurice with tempura.. About 1500 Yen for most of the set, so I consider it was slightly above the average..

To be continued..

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