Thursday, 15 June 2017

Nuluh Lapai Hike @ Telipok

It is great to capture the beautiful sun rise at Mengkabung Bridge which is just nearby (roughly about 3-5 min drive from Nuluh Lapai starting point) before the start of any hiking activities.

Beautiful view of Mt Kinabalu from Mengkabung Bridge.. 

After viewing the sunrise, we went on to Nuluh Lapai. The starting point is located right opposite of Ganang Seafood Restaurant on Jalan Sulaiman. There is no proper parking, so you need to park your car at the road side. No entrance fee needed and just some advice, bring along a mosquito or insect repellent, or wear long pants because it seems that this place has more insects than any other hills. 

There were 2 trails to choose from, the shorter one (slightly less than 1km) and the longer one (about 1.2km). Estimated time to reach the peak with either trail is about 30-40 minutes. Or you can choose to ascent with the shorter trail and descent with the longer one. But the longer one tends to get more muddy and slippery especially if it rains the night before!

The starting point to the peak of Nuluh Lapai.. 

All the way up! The trail is a bit narrow especially at the start, so you just need to be more careful.. 

And all the way up...

 And this is almost reaching the peak..

Beautiful view of Mt Kinabalu.. =) 

And here we are! 

Sepanggar side.. 

The secured site at the peak.. Nicely done by the locals and the regular climbers.. 

A small hut for you to rest with the view of Mt Kinabalu behind.. You can stay here as long as you want because it's so windy and shaded up here! 

Descent via the longer trail.. Slippery and muddy at some part.. 

Starting point for trail 2.. There is no proper route to enter, so you just need to go through the tall grass and get on the trail.. 

Trail 1 and Trail 2 at the starting point..

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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