Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Japan Trip (3-14 March 2017) Part 2 Osaka

Day 9 (3rd day in Osaka), Osaka Museum of Housing & Living, Tenjinbashi Shopping Street, Umeda Sky Building, Cafe Sky 40 and Hep Five Ferris Wheel.

To start off the day, we bought the Osaka Amazing 2-days pass for 3000 Yen to travel around freely for these 2 days. The pass includes free rides via trains from station to station (not including JR and some other line) and free entrance for many tourist destinations. Thus, to maximise the usage, try to allocate 2 consecutive travelling days around Osaka only! You can log on to their website to find the place to buy the pass. After buying the pass from Namba St, we traveled up to Tenjinbashi St to visit a few place. If you want to wear the kimono costume at the cheap price, you can get it at Osaka Museum of Housing & Living. 500 Yen for 30 minutes but you got to get there early to get an early queue. 

Osaka Museum of Housing & Living.. Right above the station, look out for the sign board to lead you the way... The museum was not big, spending about 1 hour there was sufficient for us..

Mimicking the old streets of Japan

Tenjinbashi Shopping St. is a very long shopping street like Nishiki Market but most of it is actually dine in restaurants rather than street food type restaurants. So, we settled our breakfast and lunch there and shopped at Tamade supermarket (local supermarket) for cheap stuff e.g. instant noodles, canned drinks etc.

Super nice curry udon! It was not the sweet type.. Perfect to have during a cold weather..

Tenjinbashi Shopping Street.. It has a total of 7 streets but we managed to walk about 4 streets only.. =(

Tamade Supermarket! A place to shop with the locals..

Unagi rice bowl.. One of the cheapest meal in town..

Spotted this cheap and fresh food juice stall at the train station...

Umeda Sky Building was quite a distance (walking distance about 30 minutes) from the train station. So, we left Tenjinbashi early and rushed to Umeda Sky Building so that we can catch the sunset. But sad to say that, we were a bit too early instead of late for the sunset! Anyway, just enjoy a cup of Hibiki soda at the Cafe Sky 40 for 1000 Yen!

View towards the airport from Umeda Sky Building top floor!

Walking towards Hep Five Ferris Wheel from Umeda Sky Building..

Free ride as included in the pass! =)

The unresistible Uniqlo and GU!

Teppakyaki buffet for dinner! Not a really good one until I forgotten where was this place! =p

Alternative for dinner -> 298 Nikuya for all you can eat yakiniku!

To be continued..

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