Monday, 22 March 2010

Baby Names

It was quite a sad Sunday because Liverpool lost to MUnited and Malaysia lost in Swiss Open Final as well. I am sure you will criticise if you are a non-MUnited fan. He is really a coward to give yellow cards to MUnited player, maybe it's because he scares that he can't get out from Old Trafford if he send a player off the field. Ha-ha. It's impossible there's no foul for stamping on someone and got that player bandaged. Anyway, there is always critics after matches between Liverpool and MUnited. But it is really sad to have referees which are bias. =p
As you know that my name is Kevin and it actually means gentleman, so do you know what is the actual meaning of your name? I am sure that many of you have been listening to many weird, creative names on the street nowadays such as Ice, Orange, Rock etc? Don't get me wrong, I am not criticising anyone here but it's just for curiosity purposes only. Ha-ha. But don't you think that it's weird to have such a name? I am sure that 10 years down the road, don't be surprise if you know someone named Maniac, Demon, Devil, Dragon etc. I will definitely get heart attack if I have a son named Devil Liew or a daughter named Weirdo Liew. Swt -.-"

I know that many people would not opt for a classical or common name such as Moses, Richard, Barbara and so on because everyone wants to be creative. Anyway, as what I usually say, you have your choice and I have my choice. I can't prevent you from choosing these weird names but you should think the suitability of these name rather than being creative. I am sure that many people would not impressed by these 'creative' names when you enter the society. And I think you also wouldn't what your child's name to be a laughing stuff when they grow up. Just some suggestions, I wish to name Damien for a boy and Chloe or Clover for a girl. Ha-ha.

You can also check out for some of the baby names or even your own names from this site:

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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