Saturday, 20 March 2010

Family Planning (back dated on 20th March)

Another busy week just ended... I still have 2 quizzes to study, 2 lab reports to do, 1 event to go, 100+ contacts to make, 1 futsal game to play, 1 great Liverpool against MUnited match to watch, 1 Pizza Hut's new thing to try, 1 church event to go etc etc, I think I will be tuning into a bipolar depression mode this weekend. Ha-ha. Anyway, life still goes on! Hmm.. Just yesterday, I had my first experience with a 3D movie. I can say that it's actually a disadvantage for me because I do not wear contact lenses. I watched "Alice In Wonderland". I think I was in my wonderland for most of the time because that movie didn't really impress me much. Out of 5 ratings, I will only give 2.5. So guys, I think watching the 2D is a better option.

Ok, back to the main topic. But before that, let's talk something about SEX. In your first instinct, how do you define sex? I am sure that you are not talking about gender. I know that it's some kind of action which gives you the utmost pleasure on earth, is it true? Ha-ha. I don't know, I am not a married guy. Anyway, sometimes it's not about getting the desired pleasure only, but you must also think of the reproducibility function of it. Many people have been ignoring this and it has becoming a "trend" nowadays whereby shot-gun weddings are hitting the town like hot pan-cakes. Don't get me wrong, I have no prejudice on this matter but what makes things sad is when they ignore or neglect a life, a gift from God when the girls got pregnant.

I am sure that you can see many of these cases on the newspaper nowadays. Some just dump their child in front of someone's doorstep or some may just flush the fetus down the toilet bowl, isn't it more cruel than abortion? And recently, got 1 lady got herself into jail because of killing 6 of her babies and another one was the couple committed suicide which left 4 children behind. Humans are not like some kind of animals e.g. reptiles, humans are mammals which need nurture from their parents. For every action that we take, try to think like what other people will think from their point of view and to think about the consequences. It's good that you can bear the responsibility but it's terribly bad when you are just ignoring you responsibility. What if your parents just dump you at the roadside or with some strangers when you are young? This is something worth to reflect to make a better world.

Enjoy and have a pleasant weekend.

p.s. I just added in a new chatbox and a new game. Check it out!

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