Monday, 8 March 2010

The Proposal

Huu.. Days never get easy from day to day. Started with a good day but ended the day badly. I still need to complete my 1-day assignment to the drug rehab center tomorrow morning. Classes up till 5pm on Wednesday, I really wonder where can I get some time to revise my Cancer Chemotherapy notes. Or else I will be in deep shit on Thursday. Anyway, life still goes on!

As for this time, I have something which is more optimistic to blog. My emotions actually got happier when I viewed this video clip from Facebook...

Many people do get this once in a lifetime, but some may get more than once or some may not get this even one time. It's all about the proposal. Actually, do you witness any proposal by your friends, some strangers or anyone on the street before? Don't ask about me, I seriously didn't see before and none of friends are planning to do so because most of them are still single and none of them has plans to even find a partner. Anyway, back to the main topic. Proposal seems to be a must to get the key for marriage. Any somehow, human mind-set, I meant the guys is too great whereby many different creative ideas are used to express their true heart during proposal. It's actually a joy for yourself if you see it and even for the future couple as well.

But sometimes it maybe an upset if you do not have a diamond ring or a bouquet of flowers. Oh, come on! If they don't accept because of this, there is no sincerity of their love to you. In short, "Don't waste time on her!" If she sincerely loves you, she wouldn't demand anything from you if she agrees to marry you because you, yourself is already the greatest gift. But don't try to propose if you have nothing, at least try to get a silver ring. I am sure that she will be very happy. So, not to talk too much, enjoy the video. Have a nice day^^

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