Thursday, 8 May 2014

SDK-TWU-SPN trip (back date 17-21 April 2014) Santa Restaurant and Sandakan

To travel back from Tawau back to Sandakan is about another 4-5 hours drive. But before we reach the Sandakan town, we opted for a lunch break at the intersection point to Telipok and Sandakan (32 miles). If you observe the name for all the shops, you would realise that they are all own by the same owner! And Santa is their name!!!

Good bye to Shuen Nie at Tawau airport... See you soon in Labuan!

Kedai Kopi Santa! Chinese restaurant but sell no pork if not mistaken...

Fried noodles.. Not too bad...

Sup tulang with rice.. But this is nicer! I guess this is the BEST sup tulang that I have ever tasted in Sabah!!! I miss this so much now... =( RM 9 for this!

After lunch, we opted to be tourists to go interesting places in Sandakan before checking in the hotel! 3 places chosen, namely Labuk Bay proboscis monkey sanctuary, Sun bear conservation center and Sipilok Orang Utan conservation center.

Labuk Bay proboscis monkey sanctuary, RM 15 per person for locals.. Look out for the feeding time. Try to estimate more time before the feeding time (~ 30 minutes) and you need to travel some distance to the spotting site. If you are lucky, hornbills are there to welcome you too...

Pretty sweetie =) 

Big group of them during the feeding time...

 Next destination, Sun bear conservation center. RM 5 per person for locals.. To spot a sun bear is all depends on your luck! Good luck guys...

 Sun bear conservation center. Nothing to spot except this... =p

Sipilok for orang utan! RM 5 per person for locals.. Watch out for the feeding time as well.. 

 Be aware of them, they might be just beside you when it comes to feeding time! =)

 To be continued..

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