Thursday, 8 May 2014

SDK-TWU-SPN trip (back date 17-21 April 2014) Indo Cafe & Good View Restaurant @ Tawau

After travelling about 1.5 hours back to Tawau after a big disappointment in failing to scout any nice food in Semporna, Han Boon's determination to go back to Indo Cafe for some dessert came back! And pooof... What he wished, he got it!! It was opened that time. When we refer back to those blogs, this place is famous for its pisang goreng cheese and mango sago dessert.

Indo Cafe, it was quite hidden at the corner of the city. As I can remember, it's near a Millimewa only. If you are unsure about the location, just ask the passbyers. =) 

Beware of this note!! 

Pisang Goreng Cheese. Almost the same as the one from kayu manis restaurant... 

Mango sago. This would be my all time favourite if I happen to stay here... Very smooth dessert with lots of fruits and sago..

Papaya sago. Almost the same as the mango one but this is just the sago version.. But this is not as smooth as the mango one... #2 Total damage done = RM 18 only!

Right after dessert time, it comes our dinner time! Don't worry, our stomach still got lots of space for the dinner!! It must be a seafood dinner this time! Dinner at Good View Restaurant @ Sabindo!

Good View Restaurant @ Sabindo, always crowded with lots of customer and it's time to boost our cholesterol level...

Green vegetable to relieve constipation... =p

Ginger onion Sa Bak (some kind of Lala) highly recommended by the tauke! No doubt that this is one of their specialty...

Salted egg crab.. Not too bad too but the crabs are rather small ones and the weight of the total crab doesn't seem like 1kg... I think it's better to weigh before you select or make decision on any of the seafood!! 

Steamed Hoi Lei.. (RM 120 per kg).. A bit costly to have this on the table but it's a nice try! RM 180 for this dish... 

 Lastly, black pepper tiger prawns... RM 150 per kg.. Total weigh about 600-700 grams.. Something new that we have tried here.. Not too bad to have this dish on the dining table.. Total damage done for the whole dinner = RM 368...

Beer session after going back to the hotel. This will never be missed if we have Shuen Nie!! =)

Looks like the trip to Tawau has ended and it's time to send Shuen Nie back to the airport! I know that it's always hard to say good bye after such a wonderful meet-up but I know that there is always a chance for us to meet up again. And for the rest of us, our trip didn't just stop here! =)

To be continued....

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