Sunday, 4 May 2014

SDK-TWU-SPN trip (back date 17-21 April 2014) Pumpkin Cafe & Sam Kei @ Tawau

After checking into the hotel, touring around Tawau town and picking up one more buddy who came all the way from Kuching, Sarawak, it was already time for dinner! And again, food trip is never satisfy with only one dinner! Ha-ha.. First destination was the Leong Porridge House a.k.a Pumpkin Restaurant. This restaurant is located near the town jail in Tawau and it's about 33 KM drive from the airport. And it's packed most of the time. Operating time is 5 pm onwards, close on days which they have not enough workers to run their business. I have no idea why this restaurant comes with 2 names but that's not our concern. Our concern is just how good is their food!

Basically, they are famous for their pumpkin dessert, 3 colour porridge, pork satay, ye sang and wotip. So we just ordered what they have and start comparing with other places one!

Pumpkin dessert came first! Something special which you must try. Tasted something like smooth squeezed pumpkin with some added sugar! Not too sweet and tasted just good for everyone!! 

 "Ye Sang" (Raw fish slices) with sesame oil, ginger and perhaps some lime. One of their specialty... Not a good choice for those who doesn't eat raw food

Stewed pork internal organs... Very tasty and but a bit too salty with the salted vegetables.. Overall: Good!!!

"Wotip" (Pan-fried prok dumplings).. I guess KK have better wotip than this one! It doesn't seems like minced meat to me within.. RM 8 for 10 pieces

Pork Satay.. This one is better than KK one.. Good complementary with the spicy sauce! We even bought back some to the hotel for supper! It's only RM 1 per stick..  

 3-colour porridge. It's actually white porridge with salted egg, century egg and normal chicken egg. Mixed all together and you will get something like the picture below!!

Ta daa... 3-colour porridge after mixing. Something different from the normal porridge which you have meaty stuff!! Total damage done for dinner #1 = RM 79.30

 Group picture before moving the next place and cameraman is always not in the picture!! =)

Next, to find this place is never easy because this small tiny little stall is hidden behind Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant. Our next destination is Sam Kei Claypot chicken rice with ye sang and wotip! It seems that the friendly owner is also from West Malaysia. He started this business since many years ago. When he was asked why there wasn't any sign to direct the customer to this restaurant from the main road, he was quite pissed off. So please don't ask this question anymore. You know, I know!

Appetizer, second round of "Ye sang"! As compared to the previous one, this is inferior to the previous one. But not too bad overall.

Claypot chicken rice. The one portion is big enough to feed at least 3 hungry mouths! No doubt that this chicken rice is recommended by some blogs. One of the best one in Sabah.. 

"Wotip"... This is definitely not the best one in town... The meat within is a bit too dry...

And one last thing to avoid constipation for everyone! =) Total damage done for dinner #2 = RM 57

That's all for the second day of the trip in Tawau... Seafood has yet to come... Hiak hiak... =p

To be continued...

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