Saturday, 10 May 2014

SDK-TWU-SPN trip (back date 17-21 April 2014) SimSim 88, English Tea House, Wing Hup Lee, Futsal court Foodcourt @ Sandakan

If you want to have a good food trip to Sandakan, please remember to avoid Monday because I find that most of the shops are not open. Anyway, we managed to achieve more than 50% of KPI on our food list. =) And at least it give me a second chance to visit Sandakan again! Pray hard that my friends are still there when I visit there the next time. So to start off for the day, we went to SimSim 88 Restaurant for breakfast and no choice, but for lunch as well at the later of the day. SimSim is actually a village which built on water and facing the sea. There are quite a number of bridge, so make sure that you get on the right bridge for the right way. If you get lost, it will be like a maze fore you! Our initial plan was to eat century egg Shui Gao (皮蛋水饺) and Sandakan Dan Gong Mee (弹弓面) but the shop didn't open! Haiz. So we went to SimSim 88 for breakfast as well! If you want to buy frozen seafood in Sandakan, here you can find it! Lobster < 500 grams is RM 80.00 per kg but if > 500 grams, it's RM 120.00 per kg. There are many other more seafood for your information.

SimSim 88 Restaurant.. Nice environment and there were quite a number of customer as well even though it's a Monday! 

Za Jiang Mian (炸酱面) with lots of seafood. Slurrppppppp.... And it's RM 6.50 per bowl only! I guess this would cost you about RM 9 to 10 if it's in KL! 

Sandakan Dan Gong Mee (弹弓面) with century egg Shui Gao (皮蛋水饺), RM 5.50 for this! There are 4 big Shui Gao with the noodle. But quite disappointed because it was not as elastic as we expected! I think KK has a better version of this!!!

Tom yam noodles.. RM 9.00 for this. Definitely it didn't taste like those in the West Malaysia because this tom yam comes with lots of coconut milk or santan! But it tasted good as well.. Recommend to try this! =)

Lunch time at 1pm.. Lunch started off with vegetables...

 Special fried sotong. Too elastic until it's hard to chew.. Ha-ha.. Not suitable for old folks..

Ginger onion Sa Bak. It tasted not as good as the one in Tawau!!! But not too bad...

Simple steamed Siakap. Didn't order other expensive fish for lunch! Within budget, total damage done = RM 75.

When people come to Sandakan, English Tea House is definitely in their itinerary. I guess different people has different preference, I would never come to this place anymore! English Tea House is also located at the top of the hill which is right opposite of Agnes Keith House. No doubt that it has a very nice ambiance and the waitresses are all dressed in their special uniforms. But I find that it's a bit costly for teatime whereby you have many other much cheaper options in the town! Anyway, you never try, you never know!

English Tea House entrance... It has limited parking space.. 

English tea set. A tea for 2 person with no refill... =) 

One of the things that we order, scones!!!! Perfectly made! Fresh from the oven. One English Tea set (including tea, some cakes, sandwiches and 2 scones) for 2 person with  one additional scone costed us about RM 50.00

Dessert is never enough with one! We managed to get some egg tarts and Ngau Si tart (pancake topped with egg custard and cream I guess) from Wing Hup Lee. This shop is located quite a distance away from the city center. Something very good about this tart is that the crust is a very very thin layer! So make sure that you have it when it's freshly served from the oven. =) Highly recommend this egg tart!

 Ngau Si tart, you can only find this in Sandakan!

Just before we headed towards the airport with such a reluctant mood to go back to KK, we dropped by at this Futsal court Foodcourt for dinner! This place is located some where in the housing area. Maybe you can try to contact the number on their board for directions. I have no idea where it is but the food was great and comes in very big portion! There were only 5 of us but the dishes look like serving for 10 person! =) lolzz.. Anyway, it was one of the best meal in Sandakan!

 Futsal court Foodcourt

Some kind of wrapped fried egg plants with some sour sauce! Very good combination but too bad, each people share was only 2 pieces...

Super big plate of vegetable which can last me for 1 week if I eat alone... 

Special fried chicken. Taste good and crispy.. Too bad that we were too full to finish the whole plate!!!

 Butter sauce sotong. At least this can redeem back how bad was the sotong cooked this morning! =p Total damage done per person = RM 17..

So that's all for the whole trip! Time to catch our flight and get back to work the next day! Watch for more eating stuffs on my upcoming blogs....

Thanks and have a nice weekend! =)

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