Friday, 9 May 2014

SDK-TWU-SPN trip (back date 17-21 April 2014) Puu Jih Shi, St. Micheal's Church, Agnes Keith House & Sandakan Memorial Park @ Sandakan

Never thought that the last day would be so tiring as we need to travel from one place to the other so rush! But anyway, it was fun and at least we managed to cover most of the interesting places in Sandakan. =) This post would mainly about the places with no food at all! There were 4 places that we covered, a Chinese temple, a church, a historical building and a historical site.

First destination: Puu Jih Shi (普济寺)

Located right at the top of the hill. Very striking colour of the architecture, just too beautiful. One of the famous tourist spot which you need to travel by car to go up the hill. Admission free...

 Sea view from the temple..

Second destination: St. Micheal's Church 

Very old architecture which located on the hill as well. Entrance fee is RM 5 per person. I guess the church is open for free if the church has any service but it will be packed! 

Beautiful glass panels from the inside of the church... 

Time capsule, secret to be revealed every 50 years. The next one to be opened is in year 2038! 

Third destination: Agnes Keith House

The historical building is just located right opposite of English Tea House and within walking distance. RM 2 per person per entry. It's a 2 level building with lots of history. There were many tenants of the house in the past and one of them was Agnes Keith. 

Forth destination: Sandakan Memorial Park

A very well preserved park located out from the city center. Admission is free. It has wonderful history regarding the death march and it's all related to the one in Kundasang. Though the place is small but you would enjoy the history that they have over there! Estimate about 1-1.5 hours if you are to visit this place.

Nice information center at the entrance

That's the end of the places that my friends and I had visited. To visit places in Sabah is nothing like the ones in big city such as in Kuala Lumpur. If you opted for some history or some nature, Sabah is definitely a good destination for you. But if you hope for shopping paradise or heaven of food, this is not the place that you are looking for! =)

To be continued with the last one...

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