Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SDK-TWU-SPN trip (back date 17-21 April 2014) Semporna Trip

To travel all the way from Tawau to SEMPORNA is easy because they have a very nice highway that links them together. That's why if you want to go to Semporna, you need to fly to the nearest airport which is in Tawau before travel by land to Semporna. Semporna is forever a tourist hotspot which packed with tourists from many other countries for its nice islands and sites for diving! For this trip, our plan was just to go for some island hopping and snorkeling only. We hired one boat that ferry us from one island to another island all day long. Let the pictures tell the remaining story! =)

High tide at the jetty. Just need to remove our slippers and hop on the boat! 

 On the way to Bohey Dulang! 30 minutes boat journey to the island for some hiking (warm-up) before snorkeling.. =)

Bohey Dulang.. Hike for about 600 meters ( ~ 30 to 45 minutes) and you can get a nice view of the islands below! =) 

Everyone still look energetic in the picture =)

 600 meters.. Almost there...

Ta daa.. Fascinating  view from the peak!!!

 We can't leave this place just like that without a group picture..

 Group picture before leaving Bohey Dulang for Pom-pom Island!

Just spend a little time at Pom-pom Island before heading to Mataking Island which is 30 minutes boat ride away! 

Clear sea of Mataking Island =) Time for some snorkeling..

Jumpshot time! #1

Jumpshot time! #2 

Okie, last view of the blue blue water before leaving Mataking Island! 

Time to go home... =(

The cost of renting the boat is RM 1000 regardless of the number of people. Package includes traveling to 3 places and snorkeling set. The more people you have, the lesser it's being divided among everyone. Packed lunch (Nasi Lalap) is included as well with bottles of mineral water. There are actually many companies which offer such services. So, try your best to search for the best one on the internet and book before hand!

To be continued...

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