Sunday, 4 May 2014

SDK-TWU-SPN trip (back date 17-21 April 2014) Part 2

We started our journey to Tawau early the next day. We skipped our breakfast in Sandakan and hope that we could have a nice breakfast while we pass by Lahad Datu. Lahad Datu is just about 2-3 hours drive away from Sandakan only. This place was famous a year ago due to Suluk intrusion but it's very safe now! The first thing that we went for is the Sinsuran "Sang Nyuk Mee" (Pork noodle). I know that it was the most stupid thing to eat! Ha-ha. Because this restaurant has 2 branches in KK. 

Breakfast #1, this is never satisfy if you are on a food trip!

Later on, we drove down to Tabanak foodcourt which is near the Lahad Datu airport for Angel's "Char Kuey Teow" (Fried noodles). We reached there quite late and they ran out of kuey teow, so it's best to reach there early before everything sold out!

Breakfast #2, Angel's "Char Kuey Teow"  

It was quite a big portion, 2 plates are enough for 5 person to share.  No doubt that it's recommended in some blogs!! RM 6 per plate only...

After dropping by at Lahad Datu, we continued our journey to Tawau which took us about another 2-3 hours drive. Make sure that you clear your bladders before going on the highway because there isn't any rest house at the mid of the highway. Once arriving at Tawau, time to hunt for good food returns! We went to this 1st Drink & Food Center at Sabindo. Sabindo is located by the sea which comprises a row of food stalls, ranging from Chinese to Malay food. If you lost your way, get your GPS or Google Map to lead you the way!!!

Lunch at 1st Drink and Food Center, Sabindo Tawau 

Must try "Hiong Dai Mai" with seafood. KL's version is the dry one but their's is the wet once. It tasted like they cook with fish sauce!!

"Nai you" (Butter) noodle. It's dry fried noodle with butter fish. Highly recommended by the tauke as well! Something very special which you can't find this in any other parts of Malaysia

Bean sauce kuey teow. Super like this as well. Not too salty and better eat this up when it's still hot served from their wok! You may try the beef version.... Total damage done: RM 22.50.

Food trip is never satisfy without a nice dessert/tea break after every meal! =p We wanted to go for the best Pisang Goreng in town but the shop was not open. So we approached a local and he recommended this as well. Kayu Manis Restaurant for Pisang Goreng...

Kayu Manis restaurant, a tiny restaurant located facing the sea! Just about 5-10 minutes drive from Sabindo food center

 Sliced banana wrapped with crispy thin skin with chocolate sauce. Something very special as well. Worth to try something which sounds weird on the menu

Here comes the Pisang Goreng topped with cheese and brown sugar/ coconut sugar (Gula Melaka) Very full, very full!!! ** burppppp.... Excuse me.. =p

It was time to check into the hotel and that's all for this time..

To be continued...

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