Thursday, 5 June 2014

Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) CingJing, TaiChung

After since the last trip was one month ago, it's time to get some time off from work and have a nice trip with Susan! She has been to Taiwan once but this is the first time for me. Everything was planned 2-3 months ago and we have came up with a completed and detailed itinerary to carry along all the time! To take the flight via AirAsia from Kota Kinabalu, there is only one flight which is very early in the morning and to reach Taipei takes almost 3 hours plus. Well, sitting in the plane is to charge yourself fully before you start to walk throughout the trip. Many pictures taken, so just let the pictures to do the job! 

Spotted 2 rainbows while flying in the sky! =) 

Welcome to Taipei, Taiwan!!! 

First meal in TaoYuan Airport, Taiwan before heading to CingJing... Beef noodle is very famous in Taiwan, so make sure that you try at least once when you are here

NTD 180 for this beef noodle set.. Huge enough to fill two stomachs =p 

** Take note: If you want to apply for phone cards, it's better to sign up at the telco companies at the airport because it comes with different packages which cater for tourist only! I just got one for NTD 500 which has unlimited data usage for one week with some credits to make phone calls.

As to travel to CingJing, we took the shutter bus (Ubus 705) from the airport to the nearest HSR train station and then traveled to HSR TaiChung station to board on bus to CingJing. You can get discount for the bullet train if you book the train tickets one month ahead. As for the bus to CingJing, you can buy the whole package at NTD 600 which includes one return bus ticket to CingJing, one way ticket to CingJing farm from GuoMin Guesthouse 国民宾馆, one entry pass for Little Swiss garden, one entry pass for CingJing farm and one discount card for one night stay at GuoMin Guesthouse (discount card still valid even if you have booked with deposit). Journey from the HSR TaiChung to CingJing is about 2 hours plus. 

GuoMin Guesthouse 国民宾馆, bus stop is just walking distance to this place! Take note that the check in time is 3 pm and check out time is 11 am

 Mini museum in the guesthouse itself... Many history and exhibits interesting stuff...

 Displaying with one of the interesting costume =)

Since we were too early to check in to the guesthouse, we took the bus up to the CingJing farm! Just a bit sad because it has some slight drizzle at that time. Anyway, it didn't stop us from going there!

 CingJing farm, at the front with the ticketing counter!

 Get some food for the sheep! NTD 10 for one small box of processed grass..

Lamb Satay with German pork rib complimented with one hot drink at the cold weather! Lamb satay was fantastic! Must try!!!! 

The sheep are just everywhere!  

I wonder how do you find your way back to the barn! =p 

As you walk down the hill and exit the farm, you will reach some food and fruit stalls for a break!

Clockwise: Dumplings, meat ball soup and bamboo rice! Something very interesting with the bamboo rice and you can't really get this at anywhere else! 

Must try fruits which only available in Taiwan, remember to compare the price with other nearby stalls first! Price can differ by more than 50%! 

We are now at 1864.3 above sea level! 

Starting point for the 499 steps trail 步步高升步道 

Done with the steps trail with beautiful scenery, it's best when you walk during evening! 

Almost reaching the guesthouse! 

 Spotted another rainbow again! =)

There is nothing much to do there at night besides going to the Carton King and Little Swiss Garden for the water fountain! We missed the Little Swiss Garden because it was under maintenance at that time, so make sure that you check the maintenance schedule before you put it into your itinerary!

Dinner from 7-Eleven! =) Must try the 4 layers ice cream and Taiwan beer! The night ends here!

To be continued...

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