Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall, WuFenPu and RouHe

As for the last, it was quite an free and easy one. No stress of chasing time for buses and trains early in the morning because most of the time was shopping time! But before all the shops open in the early morning, we went to Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall for a tour. To travel here, get a train ride directly to CKS train station and just walk about 10 minutes, and you will reach this building. Make sure that you take note for the timing for changing of guard because that's the most interesting event there!

Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall

And it was raining again but with smiles on us! =)

The main hall at forth floor

The changing of guards.. Roughly about 15 minutes for one session..

The art exhibition halls which are all levels below the main hall

If you haven't eaten any good beef noddles in Taiwan yet, make sure that you go to this nearby place for beef noodle. The exact address is No. 17 JinShan South Road and the shop is directly facing KimHwa Primary School. Preferably to go to this place at around 11 am because it will be packed if you are late and you need to line up for the queue. 

Steamed rice with pork ribs! Fantastic but the portion is small...

Superbly good beef noodles! I will come back for this if I happen to visit Taipei again.. =)

Spicy dumpling.. I think it's better to leave space for some other better food.. 

Then, we went for shopping and shopping... There were many places to shop for example, Taipei Main Station, the underground shopping malls etc. The most suitable time to visit WuFenPu is around 3 pm because most of the shop are opened by that time. But because that, you can go for Formosa Chang's Braised pork rice at WuFenPun. It seems it's the best one in town!

Bean curd with sauce.. This was just an appetizer

Chicken with white bitter gourd soup! Recommended by the staff.. Trust me, this was very very very good and it was not bitter at all! 

Braised pork rice... This was great! I have no other comment! Highly recommended..

WuFenPu 五分铺 for some clothes which were sold in bulk.. Some of the clothes were not that cheap afterall.. 

Beautiful Chinese temple spotted while on the way to RouHe night market..

RouHe night market 绕河夜市

Famous black pepper pork bun...

I find it special but I don't think that I will come back for this..

Not much options for dinner because it was raining heavily! =(

Black pepper wild boar sausage!

Stopped by at the cheese cake shop in Taipei Main Station. It seems that this is a very good cheese cake that can be found in Taipei! Definitely it was not that cheap as well... Very smooth and moist within! It just melt in your mouth...

How our umbrella looked like on the day we were leaving! Ok umbrella, you did a wonderful job! Kudos to you =)

Bye-bye Taipei! Time to go back to work!

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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