Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) ShiFen

More than half of the trip gone! T.T Plan for the forth day was to travel to ShiFen 十分, JingGuaShi 金瓜石and JiuFen 九分. Since we know that it would be a very tiring day, so our plan to end our day was to go for steamboat buffet and walk around XiMen at night. To travel to ShiFen, the easiest way is to travel by train from Taipei Main Station. We took the 7.30 am train from Taipei Main Station and interchange the train at RuiFang station which head towards ShiFen. The train journey is quite a long one, perhaps you can get some sleep in the train! =)

RuiFang Train Station.. Make sure that you get on the right schedule to ensure for smooth journey! 

Bento sold at the train station, NTD 60 for this! 

NTD 60 for such a filling meal! Consisted of egg, prickles, pork chop, fish slices etc. Not too bad! Worth to try.. =) 

Train captain cum tour guide! =) 

We are here finally at ShiFen train station

Travel to the furthest tourist spot first before walking back to the train station!

Most of the shops are built along the railway track because most tourists are found there! 

Old ore mining museum..  

 Taiwan is a very good tourist spot whereby tourist center can be spotted at most of the tourist spots! Credits to the government! =)

"Keep your worries away!" 

Entrance to the waterfall is just by the railway track! Beware of train when you cross the track!!

Huge and beautiful waterfall at ShiFen! =) 

18 Arhats or Luohans, 18罗汉.. All in one package with the waterfall...

4 face Buddha! Pray and pray for everything.. 

Time to pray for some wealth.. $$$$$$$$$ 

Eye's waterfall, spotted near the ShiFen waterfall... 

 Remember to stamp on your itinerary before you leave every place that you visit! =)

 Time to walk back! Hanging bridge...

Time for some famous "Tian Deng" 天灯. Each colour indicates for different aspects f wishes, so NTD 200 for all four colour! =)

Hope that our wishes come true! 

Dessert time! =) 

 Something very interesting which you can't get in Malaysia!
Selfie with creativity! =) 

Time to go to JiuFen, we are behind of time! =p

To be continued...

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