Saturday, 7 June 2014

Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) FengJia, TaiChung

After having quite a wet day the day before, hopefully the day is good for the remaining days. But..... =p So, the plan for second is to travel down to and walk around TaiChung. TaiChung is in the itinerary is because of a few interesting places which include the National Museum of Natural Science, Rainbow Village 彩虹春村and the church at TungHai University 东海大学. 

Beautiful blue blue to greet the day! Time to pack up and travel to TaiChung... 

A way in which university students collect pocket money at the train station! Worth for the NTD 10 spent on him! =)

Huge mall at TaiChung

Bento set, meat ball soup and Sesame noodle! Great and cheap roadside stall right in front of the bus station before going to the museum..

Landmark which lead you to the National Museum of Natural Science!

2 huge buildings which you may need to spend at least 3-4 hours to tour the whole museum.. 

National Museum of Natural Science is located in the middle of TaiChung. As to travel to this place, it's either by bus transportation or taxi service. The museum is split into 3-4 sections in which each of the section exhibits things which are unique and related to the theme. Besides, there are also 2 big halls for some short movies. Definitely there is a minimal entrance fee for each of the halls. But one thing good about this place is that they provide good customer service such as a baggage area if you are carrying along luggage and it's FOC! =)

Welcome to the museum =) One picture is enough! Hee

After spending hours at the museum, it's time to move on to the next destination which is the Rainbow Village 彩虹春村 and the church at TungHai University 东海大学. To travel to these places are never easy, so I suggest that taking a taxi is the best way to travel. Taxi from the museum to this village costed us about NTD250. This village has become a famous tourist spot ever since being recommended in many blogs and trip advisor! It seems that this village is painted by a retired soldier, take note! It's done by one person only!

The entrance, just one passage way to enter! The entrance itself is already so attractive~~

Many wishes hung at the door but I think many people would miss that donation box!

Lucky enough to see Rainbow Grandpa at the village, he is the painter! =)

One superhero to entertain the crowds!

Church at TungHai University 东海大学, using a taxi to travel to this place really save up a lot of time and make sure that the taxi runs a meter! Because if you hire a taxi for 2 hours without running a meter will cost you about NTD 800-1000! Using the meter is much more cheaper!
Time to have some selfie before going off for dinner! =p

FengJia Night Market, big heaven for foods and clothes. It seems this is one of the largest night market in Taiwan and it's open till late midnight! So, there is no worries if you are hungry at midnight and you stay nearby that area!

Promoting papaya milk!

Pancakes comes in cute shapes!

Super duper tired . It has passed midnight, but the crowd is still so ON! Time to go back to the guesthouse and have a good rest! =)

To be continued...

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