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Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) XinBeiTou, TamShui and ShiLin

After reaching TamShui 淡水, take the MRT to XinBeiTou 新北投 for hotspring! If you are not a fan or didn't thought of going for a dip, better don't waste anytime here. You can spend more time at TamShui and ShiLin 士林 if you wan to! Pray hard that it doesn't rain when you are at XinBeiTou or else it will be difficult for you to walk around! But if it's raining time, it's always eating time for us! =p Remember to snap a picture of the map at the train station to give you some sense of direction when you are at XinBeiTou!

XinBeiTou 新北投 train station 

 Small baby water droplets icon at the train station! =)

A hot cup of noodle is best when it's raining! Slurppppppp...

The Geothermal museum 

Beautiful display in the museum. Surprisingly that everyone is allowed to take pictures in the museum.. 

Former public bath tub in the museum.. 

The Geothermal Valley 

 Main source for the hotsprings.. It's super warm over here... -.-"

There are many options of getting a dip for example the public hotspring or the private one in the hotel. There are even hotels that come with package if you spend a night there. Since Susan and I didn't plan to stay there, so we went for a private one at the hotel. The price is roughly NTD 1000 for 3 hours.. Here you go!

The hotel room for 2 person but we just need the bathroom only..  

 This is a bath tub with Jacuzzi with lightings.. Woohoo.. Remember to take note of the notice which is pasted on the wall and keep track of the time as well... =)

After spending hours at XinBeiTou, we headed back to TamShui 淡水 for the sunset and some tourist attraction spots. But when we reached TamShui and wanted to go for the famous and beautiful bridge, the ferry not in service so we couldn't go across to the other side of the mainland! That's sad. Oh well, at least we tasted something special in TamShui before going to ShiLin. Make sure that you get some Iron Eggs as souvenirs before you leave there!

Round 1 dinner at TamShui!

 阿给 "Ah Gei" It's a bunch of glass noodles wrapped with bean curd skin and a piece of fish cake at the bottom, topped with some soybean sauce.. Something very special but it can be weird for some people =)

Some starchy skin with minced meat inside! 

 Meat ball soup again! Ha-ha

 Breaded sausage.. Looks nice but seriously doesn't taste nice.. Sorry for that comment! =(

 Wedding shots on the streets of TamShui!

小笼包 "Xiao Long Bao, ah Xiao Long Bao" Not too bad but not as tasty as those you can get from the restaurant =)

To travel to ShiLin night market is a bit tricky, never ever take the MRT and get down at ShiLin train station! The correct station is JianTan train station because ShiLin night market is nearest to this station. Many things to eat, many things to buy and many things to play is what I can say about this place! But most importantly is that, it must not RAIN! =)

Very famous Prince Cheese Potato 王子起士马铃薯.. Must at least try once.. This is really good! 

ShiLin night market, greatest of all night markets in Taiwan! Oh well, this is based on your own judgement! =)

Teppanyaki  with the most trophy!

They cooked and served on the big hot plate! Super chef with great cooking skills, serving 7 customers at the same time!

 Tadaa.. Here you go! Super huge portion which is suitable for 2 person!

And last but not least, 豪大大鸡排 famous chicken chop in Taiwan! I think it's better to buy at other branches rather than the one in ShiLin night market! =) Don't ask me why! Ha-ha...

To be continued...

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