Sunday, 8 June 2014

Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) TaiChung, Taipei 101, Miramar Entertainment Park

FYI, we stayed at Fashion House 21 near FengJia night market. It was about NTD 1500 per night and everything was good for us. So, after a night spent at FengJia, our next destination is Taipei. To travel from FengJia to the train station is very convenient because there are a lot of buses head towards the train station. 

After arriving at the train station, we changed our plan a bit because we are quite lack of time if we go to the Confucius temple and Martyrs' Shrine. So, we asked for some directions to find good food in walking distance at the visitor center at the train station. Don't worry to ask because they are very friendly and very glad to help you at all time! This is the map that I gotten from them! =) And you can leave your luggage at the locker, it's just about NTD 50 for 3 hours.

The guide is to walk from the train station to San Min Road 三民路. Watch out for the stall which has a long queue! After filling up your stomach, you may opt to shop in the shopping centers while on the way back to the train station before heading to HSR TaiChung.

 Famous stall at San Min Road 三民路

Famous glutenous rice sausage with carrot pancake and one bull's eye for NTD 60. Something very interesting. I think it's better for a few person to share this rather than one person to take up the whole set because it's quite filling! 

Another stall which you need to walk further inside to find!

Fantastic stewed pork rice 卤肉贩, one of the best in town! =) Comes with some steamed watery egg and cabbage!

 Famous white fungus dessert for NTD 30 only. Many people look for this stall just for this dessert! You really really need this very badly in a hot weather! Very cooling dessert...

TaiChung train station and HSR TaiChung is not at the same place, so you need to allocate some time (maybe about 1 hour) to take a train ride. This is very important if you have bought the HSR train ticket earlier!

Carton King at HSR TaiChung, everything is made up of cardboard! Absolutely everything!! 

"Travel, travelling to XiMen, Taipei." After leaving our luggage at the guesthouse in XiMen, it's time to venture Taipei! Destinations to visit for the day are Taipei 101 and Miramar Entertainment Park. If you have extra time, you may go to TongHua night market after spending time at Taipei 101.

First thing we saw at the XiMen train station, the PROPOSAL! =) 

Taipei 10 with a cloudy sky! Not too bad.. =) 

Signature icon at the entrance of Taipei 101. Time for some post! 

NTD 450 (with youth card) per person to go to the top floors of Taipei 101 and riding on the world's fastest elevator! Must try at least once in a lifetime.

Good Samaritan volunteer to snap a picture for us.. =) 

View of Taipei from Taipei 101 

Just comparing among the tallest sky-scrapers in the world 

One thing good about buying entrance ticket in Taipei, every ticket comes with a complement! So as for this, it's either a discount for premium ice cream or discount for a beer float!

Ok, we should have beer during the day! It's better to have ice cream then... 

Top floor is open for public! 

 Saying good bye to Taipei 101 =(

Miramar Entertainment Park, travelling using the train is very convenient and easy! Make sure that you get a YouYou card for some discount and avoid lining up to buy train tickets everytime.

Huge Ferris wheel at Miramar Entertainment Park =) Why not for a ride!

 Nice view of Taipei 101 from Miramar's Ferris wheel

Haagen Dazs ice cream! Buy one free one for this time =p Why not! 

Travel back to XiMen for famous Ah Ching Flour rice Noodles 阿宗面线! Best eaten while it's hot.. Get the fun of standing road side with other people to slurp the noodle! =p

To be continued...

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