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Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) JiuFen and JingGuaShi

Upon arriving at RuiFang 瑞芳 train station, it's either you take a bus or take a package with the taxi to JiuFen 九分! Since it was raining at the time, we took the NTD 1000 package which includes a few other tourist sites for visit. 

Taxi package which is available at the taxi stand right in front of the train station... 

南雅奇岩 , some weird forming stone which due to the erosion of the wind..

黄金瀑布 , an iron contaminated waterfall

The whole package ends here at JiuFen Old Street, a very crowded street which full of food stalls!

From  top left-hand corner: Mixed meat balls, curry fish balls, sticky bean curd 臭豆腐 and BBQ wild mushroom

 And never forget this! Yam cake dessert!

After eating at JiuFen Old Street, take a bus ride up to this Gold Ecological Park right opposite of the entrance to the old street! You can use YouYou card for the bus ride. Admission to the ecological park is free unless you want to join some of their activities such as the underground tunnel experience or the refining gold dust process!
 Entrance at the Gold Ecological Park

It's made up of GOLD!!! 

Visit the museum if you have the time! 

And the huge block of GOLD which is up for display... Everyone also wish to have this! =)

Refining the gold dust for a certain price.. Try at least once if you have not done this before...

Underground tunnel experience! 

 Just walk straight, no more GOLD for you to dig already! =p

Some other sites at the Gold Ecological Park.. Take note that it closes at 5 pm. 

 Either take a bus ride back to RuiFang train station to go back to Taipei via train or you can take a direct bus back to Taipei. Make sure that you get on the right bus! =)

We opted to take the train back to avoid the traffic jams in the city center! =) Fast and less time consuming!

After a long long day of walk, we didn't plan to do much at night because we were really exhausted. We went back to XiMen for some rest and go out to this nearby steamboat buffet place for dinner! Time to pamper ourselves with some expensive stuff!After that, you can walk around XiMen streets because it's quite a happening place which sells a lots of food and clothes before going back to the guesthouse to end the day!

天外天... For more information, check out this website:

They have quite a number of branches in Taiwan and one of it is in XiMen. Around NTD 600 per person for a steamboat buffet with unlimited servings of Taiwan beer, meat slices and premium ice cream such as Haagen Dazs! Worth to eat here if you have starved yourself throughout the day! =)

Day 4 ended with a pot halved with spicy and tomato soup! =)

To be continued..

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