Monday, 16 June 2014

Taiwan Trip (back dated 16-22 May 2014) YeLiu Geopark

Well, 2 days left in the itinerary. As for the fifth day, we went to YeLiu 野柳, TamShui 淡水 and XinBeiTou 新北投. We didn't go to YeLiu and JiuFen plus ShiFen on the same day is because JiuFen plus ShiFen is very time consuming (as in a lot of places to visit without RUSHING!) and to travel from these 2 places takes about 3 hours with a bus ride. 

So, we went to YeLiu by bus from Taipei West Bus Station Terminal at Taipei Main Station. To find for this place is never easy, so make sure that you allocate more time to find this place and ask for direction if you are lost! The journey takes less than 2 hours. YeLiu is a small fishing village and the most attractive place to visit is the YeLiu Geopark. If you have more time there, you can have a sit at the local restaurant or stalls for some local dishes such as seaweed soup, oyster omelette and perhaps some seafood! =)

 Taipei West Bus Station Terminal at Taipei Main Station

The bus stopped us the main road and we have to walk for about 10-15 minutes to the geopark...

YeLiu is located by the sea, you can see a lot of fishing boats along the walk way! 

Beautiful Chinese temple at YeLiu 

Yeah!! We are here... =) 

"Princess head" 

 Line up to wait for your turn... We knew that many people will ignore this..


"Ice cream" here you go! 

Huge "drumstick" 

 Just slipped into a group of kids with a tour guide for explanations! Field trip for us too! =)
Selfie time! =) 


"Queen's head" edited because there are many other heads as well. Just wanted to highlight the main character! =)

"Mushroom" this must be seen from far! 


You may have your meals here or shop for some souvenir before leaving this place! 

 Souvenirs for ourselves =)

Seaweed soup.. Quite oily for me.. Maybe you can try at some other stalls.. 

Oyster omelette... Oishiiiiii! 

Very useful guide from the information center.. There is a direct bus to TamShui train station. the journey takes about 2 hours as well. Make sure that you have enough credits in your YouYou card or you have enough small coins to pay for the bus fare... 

To be continued..

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