Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What! RM3 for A Car Wash..

On my journey back to KL on Sunday, I came across this small Lukut town and I found that there is a place offering car wash services for only RM3 only. Yea, it’s RM3 only! You definitely cannot compare those prices in KL which some charges you as high as RM8.

Ok, I know some of the patrol stations in KL are providing car wash services too for RM3 only. But the difference here is that your car is washed by machines and cleaned manually also. So it’s double cleaning over here. They even wax your car tyres for an additional RM1 only. I know you can’t imagine it. So firstly, your whole car including your tyres (tyres cannot be washed by machine) will be washed by 4person in the first compartment. You just need to sit in the car and put neutral gear. Then your car will be moved into the next compartment with machines washing your car AGAIN.

While your car is coming out from that compartment, the next group of people will start wiping you car. So efficient! Pop!! You can get your car cleaned within 5minutes. No worries, it wouldn’t take you long even if the queue is long. Sometimes you might wonder how are they earning to continue to survive. Maybe they are just earning some net income which sufficiently for their living.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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