Tuesday, 16 June 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone..

Adui.. When I looked back at my fantasy sport's result for this season, I am a bit disappointed with my score. I got #2 again in my group for this season. This is my third time getting second place already. Anyway, Jun Huat, I am going to crush you next season! You will not have C.Ronaldo to get points for you next season. But I have set a new target. I want to break through the top 500 Liverpool fans and top 2000 placings in the overall ranking.

When you are talking about football these few days, the big news will be about Kaka and C.Ronaldo joined Real Madrid with a world record transfer fee. Don't ever mention about FAM, they are still thinking hard whether to pay RM350,000 to get 2 Nigerian players to play in the upcoming 8-nations Merdeka tournament. Back to the news, sooner will be about D.Villa and X.Alonso but they are unlikely to move to Real Madrid. I know that many MUnited fans are criticising about C.Ronaldo move but some may support. As for me, it doesn't really affect much as I am a die-heart Liverpool supporter but I am proud of MUnited. They did a very good move by offloading the good actor and diver on the pitch. At least MUnited can play "real" football in the future.

Come on! Get that money and buy other good players into the squad. Sir A.Ferguson, you have £80million, what else do you want compared to Liverpool which has no money to buy expensive players. Even after getting A.Valencia, your pocket is still loaded with much of cash. But please never ever hope of getting F.Torres to MUnited. He is forever a Liverpool El Nino that pairs up with S.Gerrard which can destroy all defenses of any club. With this combination and D.Kuyt, I think Liverpool can bring back the EPL trophy to Anfield next season.

"You'll Never Walk Alone.."

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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