Saturday, 23 May 2009

The 17th May..

So right after the final paper on the 21st, my friends took me out for a belated birthday lunch at Seoul Garden (so-called Korean Bbq restaurant), Plaza Pantai. Let's not talk about the paper because I missed out one whole 25marks SAQ question due to lack of time. Haizz..
I was quite excited when Christine told me about this one day before, but it came to my surprice when there was more than 5 came for the lunch. Hee.. I thought most of them were rushing back hometown right after the exam or maybe they thought of going out for a gathering with other gang. Really didn't thought that more than 10 came.. Oh, gosh!!

Everyone is busying frying and cooking their own food..

As we reached there almost the lunch time for the working people finished, so the restaurant was quite empty. Hmm.. So the food there was moderate. You cant expect them to serve you with oyster based on the price that you pay. If I not mistaken, it was about RM21 something per person (student price). At least they have the basic things such as prawns, squids, beef, variety of marinated chicken meat etc. The strange thing is that they serve ais kacang and air sirap.. Hahh? Does Koreans really have ais kacang and air sirap in their country? It thought they were originated from Malaysia.. lolzz.. Anyway, we enjoyed ourself there until they closed shop for the noon break..

Here's the cake cutting ceremony..

My eyes were closed because I was too tired already.. =p

My so-called sisters in the class but sadly (no comment).. Just pity me =<

With the gang of girls..

Anyway, thanks everyone for the birthday card and the lunch. What you wish for me is what I wish for you guys. =p It was great to have this kind of events right after the exam as to relax ourself.. Hee.. So, it is time for us to get back on our work to prepare for the Public Health Campaign.

Enjoy and have fun.. Cheers^^

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