Saturday, 23 May 2009

Ying Jun's B'day (back to 5.5.09)

We celebrated Ying Jun's birthday before our finals started. I know that this is a bit outdated, but I have no choice because i just got the pictures.
Though it was during the exam period, but it didn't stop us from celebrating her birthday. Simple but meaningful for her. (hopefully it's true=p) Even Christine who stays in Subang also made a huge effort to join. We had it this time at Wong Kok Cheras. As we went there on her exact birthday, so they entertained us with a very large jar of 奶茶. Hope that we don't look like zombies in all the pictures. lolzzz...

Watch out!! Ms Blur Blur.. We need you in the MCC club..=p

Present presentation by Ms Felicia

Everyone is with her.. Hope that she is touched by this.. hehe

My wish for her caught on the camera..=>

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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